National Experience with Mass Tort Wildfires

Chris prosecuted the Bastrop Complex Fire, the most destructive fire in Texas history

Succesful Prosecution

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Aggressive Representation with Personal Injury Claims

Chris has the skills and experience to substantiate your claim and maximize your compensation

Maximizing Your Compensation

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Innovative Advocacy of Insurers

Chris pragmatically and thoughtfully advocates for the rights of the national insurance companies in catastrophic loss litigation.

Representing National Insurance Companies

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Bastrop Complex Fire  Litigation (Texas)

Caughlin Fire Litigation (Nevada)

Pfeiffer Fire Litigation (California)

Steiner Ranch Fire Litigation (Texas)

Way Fire Litigation (California)

Bernardo Fire Litigation (California)

Las Conchas Fire Litigation (New Mexico)

Poinsettia Fire Litigation (California)

Spicewood Fire Litigation (Texas)

Wichita Falls Fire  Litigation (Texas)

Butte Fire Litigation (California)

Mountain Fire Litigation (California)

Powerhouse Fire Litigation (California)

Taylor Bridge Fire Litigation (Washington)

West Fertilizer Company Explosion (Texas)