(CNN)This year’s rash of catastrophic wildfires didn’t just destroy neighborhood and livelihoods — they also annihilated records. And the destruction’s not over. The Thomas Fire, which has torched the equivalent of Dallas and Miami combined, is still raging in Southern California.


Here’s a look at the records obliterated by the 2017 wildfires:

The costliest in US history

Damage estimates from the 2017 wildfires topped $10 billion, said Adam Smith of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. And that was beforedevastating wildfires tore through Southern California in December.
For the past five years, wildfires scorched an average of 202,751 acres from January 1 through December 24, according to state fire protection agency Cal Fire. That number doubled in 2017. More than 505,900 acres have gone up in flames so far in California. That’s triple the area of Chicago. 

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