Wildfire Smoke Detected in Majority of U.S. States

 Wildfires Burned At Least 90K Acres, 6,000 Evacuated in Utah The Pole Creek Fire and the Bald Mountain fires have burned over 90,000 acres in Utah just south of Salt Lake City. At a Glance Western wildfires are sending their smoke plumes across much of the United States. This is causing unhealthy air quality in parts of the West, as well as unworldly sunrises and sunsets. Dozens of wildfires are burning across the western United States, including at least 18 major fires in California alone, sending plumes of smoke across much of the country. "Large wildfires from central and Northern California into northern British Columbia continue to burn and emit thick smoke, contributing to an expansive area of varying density smoke reaching from the Pacific coast eastward as far as Lake Superior and Hudson Bay and from the southwestern Northwest Territory to Guadalupe Island 150 [...]

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