First fire-related death confirmed in Southern California

(CNN)A woman whose body was found at a crash site along an evacuation route in Southern California became the first confirmed fire-related casualty in a series of raging wildfires that could gain strength this weekend. Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday was due to visit Ventura County, home to the largest of the six wildfires, the Thomas Fire. He'll survey damage, meet with affected residents, consult with government officials and emergency responders, and brief reporters, his office said. His visit comes as strong Santa Ana winds this weekend could fuel the flames, the National Weather Service said. Wind gusts in the region will be 35 to 55 mph through Sunday, CNN meteorologist Rachel Aissen said. See the full article HERE

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This Map Shows Where All the Wildfires in California Are Burning

By JENNIFER CALFAS Updated: October 11, 2017 10:02 AM ET | Originally published: October 10, 2017 Fast-moving wildfires tore through California this week, destroying 1,500 homes, wineries and businesses in what has become one of the deadliest outbreaks in the state’s history. A number of wildfires swept across Northern California in Napa and Sonoma counties just north of San Francisco — killing at least 17 people and forcing thousands of residents evacuate their homes as firefighters struggled to contain the roaring flames that have scorched tens of thousands of acres.  

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Helena fire: 72 homes destroyed

The Helena Fire, which has scorched 17,579 acres in Trinity County, destroyed 72 homes and caused the evacuation of about 2,000 residents, has slowed due to firefighting efforts and cooler weather as its containment continues to grow.  See the full article HERE

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Helena fire containment up

Firefighters continue to work on containing the damaging Helena fire, with the focus on protecting residences in the Canyon Creek Road area and completing handlines. As of Tuesday, the human-caused Helena fire that burned 72 homes in Junction City had reached 18,392 acres. The lightning-caused Fork fire in the Trinity Alps Wilderness, which is expected to merge with the Helena fire, had reached 3,519 acres. The two fires are being managed by the same team and together encompass 21,911 acres. Containment on the fires was at 58 percent. “We’ve gained a lot of ground,” said Olivia Rahman, information officer for the Helena-Fork fire. “We’ve secured a lot of the edge of the fire.” See the full article HERE

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