Carl Zaid wasn’t sure how to tell his wife their house had just burned to the ground, so he did it with the help of a flamingo.

Her name was Miss Pink, and she was perched in her usual spot in the front yard the night the family fled as flames approached from the canyon behind them.

And she was there the next day, singed but still standing, when Zaid and his two daughters came back to find their house a heap of concrete, rubble and countless screws. Christmas lights straddled the mailbox.

Zaid called his wife. He broke the news.

“Miss Pink’s feathers are a little ruffled, but guess what — she’s looking for a new home,” he said.

Losing the Ventura home they moved into almost 40 years ago was hard. Really hard.

Finding out their insurance won’t come near to covering the cost of rebuilding has begun to feel like an equally devastating blow.